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Massage Benefits For Your New Year's Workout Resolutions

Written by Quimby House Inn & Spa
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The beginning of the New Year marks a perfect time for residents in the Bar Harbor area to begin working out or training for an event. The island offers many different gym locations, exercise classes, and park roads to get your body in great shape. But as you begin to hit the gym, trails, or group classes, you are bound to have sore, tight muscles as a result. Although sore muscles are a sign of the body building strength, it is not a pleasant feeling. Massage is a great way to not only relieve the pain of hard work outs, but it will also help you to physically and mentally improve your workouts.

Serenity Garden Spa at the Quimby House Inn offers two great massages that will compliment your resolutions for a healthier body and mind. Deep Tissue and Sports Massage are two of the massage treatments that are most beneficial for sore muscles. The question is, which massage is best for you?

If you made the New Year’s Resolution to work out and you are battling sore muscles, a Deep Tissue Massage would be highly recommended.  Deep Tissue Massage therapy concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia (connective tissue where we typically develop “knots”). Deep tissue massage has numerous health and wellness benefits. It helps ease stress and tension, which can have a beneficial effect on blood pressure. Deep Tissue Massage increases the body’s production of serotonin, the hormone that promotes happiness and good feelings, thus improving overall mood and energy. It helps to break up scar tissue, reduce chronic pain, relax muscles, increase blood flow, and promote healing.  Massage Therapy can provide benefits to your health and an awareness of your body that few other therapeutic modalities can match. 

If you are a bit more extreme and resolved to train for a marathon, perhaps you may want to consider a Sports Massage during your training. Sports Massage therapy is recommended for athletes both before and after a competition to prevent injury and loss of muscle mobility, and to help reduce anxiety. Sports massage utilizes more vigorous forms of massage to facilitate muscle healing and relaxation. After an intense competition or sports event, the body is depleted of essential amino acids. Massage can offset this depletion as well as boost the immune system. It is also imperative for athletes to keep their body cleansed of impurities, thus sports massage acts as a mechanical cleanser, by stimulating the lymph circulation and quickening waste and toxic elimination. Sports Massage also helps to relax muscle, increase circulation, and decrease swelling, all imperative to athletic training. As important as the physical benefits of Sports Massage, are the psychological benefits. An effective Sports Massage will reduce approach anxiety, enhance feelings of invigoration and rejuvenation, and increase awareness of your mind-body connection. The restorative effects of massage therapy and the corresponding psychological benefits are crucial for athletic success.

If you have been working out or training regularly, not only do you deserve a day at the spa, but it will be just what you need to stay healthy and get stronger. For more information on how Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage can help you, or to schedule your massage at Serenity Garden Spa, contact us today. Now is the perfect time to compliment all of that hard work and keep those New Year’s resolutions going!


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