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Are you planning on a late summer vacation to Bar Harbor, and feel as though the stress of the summer is just starting to catch up with you? Have you been looking forward to this vacation for weeks and now just need to find a way to de-stress? Well, at the Quimby House Inn we want to know if you’ve considered treating yourself to a relaxing and energizing massage.

Massage is known to decrease stress, improve your mood, reduce fatigue and increase your circulation. Just one hour of massage can make all your troubles melt away, and start your Bar Harbor vacation off on the right foot. If you’re coming to Bar Harbor Maine for your end of summer vacation, and you plan to stay with us at the Quimby House Inn, why not choose an in-room massage by our Licensed Massage Therapist (and owner) Danielle Ray. Vacations should be all about relieving stress, and with the hassles of traffic, airline travel, and planning your itinerary, the stress and worry can really build up in your neck, back and shoulders.

To start your Bar Harbor vacation out with a clean slate, we recommend scheduling an hour long massage session with Danielle on the very first day of your vacation. This can help alleviate all the over-worked and over-stressed muscles in your body so that you can relax and enjoy your stay with us.

For a 1 hour massage in your room, our current fee is $75. Talk to us upon your check-in to schedule your first massage- you won’t be sorry, and you’ll be able to enjoy your stay with us even more once you’re relaxed and ready for a great vacation!

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