<![CDATA[Recent Blog Posts]]> http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/feed/rss Thu, 14 Feb 2013 02:00:00 -0500 Aptuitiv Studio en-us http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 720 <![CDATA[How To Pick A Great Inn For Your Vacation]]> http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/how-to-pick-a-great-inn-for-your-vacation http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/how-to-pick-a-great-inn-for-your-vacation At the Quimby House Inn and Spa, we are nestled in downtown Bar Harbor and we know what it takes to make our visitors feel welcome. We also know what makes a great inn for your next vacation, so we wanted to offer you a few tips on what to look for when choosing your next hotel to make sure that your vacation is relaxing, enjoyable and everything you hope that it will be. 

  1. Choose a location that is right in the midst of things.  You don’t want to spend time driving from your hotel to the areas you want to visit, especially in a busy town like Bar Harbor, where parking can be relatively scarce in the midst of the summer season. You want an inn or hotel that offers free onsite parking that is in close proximity to shoppingrestaurants and entertainment.

  2. Find a lodging that has an onsite spa. This will help with the relaxation factor of your vacation, especially if the spa offers a massage therapist that will come to your room!  Different options for massage therapy are also beneficial, depending on your specific relaxation needs, you want a spa that will offer you different massage choices, from Swedish massage to deep tissue massage.

  3. Look for a lodging that has well maintained rooms on a well maintained property. Also, an inn with a variety of room styles can be beneficial, especially if you plan to return again some day with a group of friends or family members or if you have special needs. Bar Harbor inns that offer suites, as well as rooms with small kitchenettes could also be good for larger groups or families. Wi-Fi, cable television and air conditioning are other services you may want to look for when reserving your room.

  4. And finally, find an inn that can give you personable and friendly service. Having a lovely location and facility is one thing, but if the staff is rude and unhelpful, this is not a place where you will enjoy your stay. Look for a friendly receptionist and kind and helpful innkeepers and you can be assured that the staff will help make sure your stay is enjoyable.

For your next vacation, make sure you’ve chosen the right inn by following these suggestions and you will be sure to have an excellent stay away from home. If you are looking for an inn in Bar Harbor Maine, look no further than the Quimby House Inn & Spa. We offer the right location with an in-house spa, beautiful and diverse rooms with options that include Wi-Fi, cable tv and A/C, as well as some of the friendliest innkeepers in town. Contact us today to reserve your room for your next Bar Harbor vacation and we will look forward to seeing you soon! 

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<![CDATA[It’s Never Too Early To Start Planning Your 2013 Bar Harbor Vacation]]> http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/it-s-never-too-early-to-start-planning-your-2013-bar-harbor-vacation http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/it-s-never-too-early-to-start-planning-your-2013-bar-harbor-vacation While we may be right in the thick of winter and your summer vacation feels oh so far away, now is the perfect time to start planning. The best way to beat the winter blues is to think about all of the summer activities that await you! And when it comes to vacationing in Bar Harbor, ME, there are A LOT of activities.

Because of its close proximity to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is a traveler’s ultimate vacation destination. No matter if you are traveling solo, as a couple, or with the entire family, there are plenty of outdoor and indoor activities depending on your vacation ‘style’. There are mountains to climb, lakes to swim in, and beaches to lie on. Bike rides through the park, visiting local shops, and dozens of great restaurants to try in Bar Harbor may also appeal to you.

And if you are planning to stay with us at the Quimby House Inn this year, don’t forget about our in-house spa, Serenity Garden! We offer massage therapy, spray tans and much more to accompany both our guests and even the public. Massages are offered in the spa itself or right in the luxury of your room.

With the 2013 season looking as busy as ever, now is the time to reserve your room, book those whale watching tickets, and purchase a book with Acadia’s hiking trails so you are prepared for your upcoming Bar Harbor, ME vacation.

If you would like to learn more about the Quimby House Inn and Serenity Garden Spa, please contact us today. We are located right in the heart of the downtown, just a short walk from all of the restaurants and shops and a short drive to the Acadia National Park entrance. We would love to be your host for your 2013 vacation. And remember, it’s never too early to start planning your trip!

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<![CDATA[A Healthier You In 2013]]> http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/a-healthier-you-in-2013 http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/a-healthier-you-in-2013 One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to be healthier. But this does not just mean losing weight. In fact, there are many components to your health and weight loss is just one of the benefits to living a healthy lifestyle. To help you get an idea of all that goes into true health, here is a list of some things that you can do in 2013 to be a healthier you!

Eating clean - Although fad diets always seem to make the headlines, the most important aspect of healthy eating is eating clean. Choose foods that are fresh, natural and organic and grown locally if possible. According to many health professionals, by avoiding chemicals and artificial ingredients in food, you will reduce your risk of many diseases and other side effects (such as weight gain) from processed foods.

Exercising - Exercise not only helps us lose weight but it also strengthens the body including our muscles, heart, organs and immune system. Find a way to sweat it out each day whether it’s at the gym and lifting weights, running, walking, biking, yoga or swimming.

Spa treatments - You may not associate the spa with being a way to stay healthy but massage therapy offers benefits that not everyone may know about. Massage has been known to help relieve and cure headaches, insomnia, depression, stress, back pain, muscle pain and joint pain. So, don’t forget to book your next massage so that you can live a healthier lifestyle in 2013!

Getaway - Don’t forget that just as important as hitting the gym is taking a vacation. By getting away from our normal routine of life, we will return feeling rejuvenated and ready to refocus! Whether it’s a long weekend or several days, a getaway is important to maintaining long term health and happiness.

To book your vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine, contact us at the Quimby House Inn. We offer charming, colonial rooms right in the heart of the downtown with close access to restaurants, shops and of course, Acadia National Park. And for those visiting as well as our locals, we offer many luxurious spa treatments, including massage therapy, at our in house spa, Serenity Garden Spa.

From all of us at the Quimby House Inn, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

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<![CDATA[Bar Harbor Makes Top 10 of America’s Great Public Spaces]]> http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/bar-harbor-makes-top-10-of-america-s-great-public-spaces http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/bar-harbor-makes-top-10-of-america-s-great-public-spaces We’ve done it again! The quaint, touristy town of Bar Harbor has made yet another travel site’s list of top places to visit. According to CNN’s travel section, Bar Harbor is named number ten in the top ‘great public spaces’. More specifically they refer to the Village Green, which is right in the heart of the downtown.

The Bar Harbor Village Green is most noted for the large tower clock, gazebo and the fountain full of penny wishes. According to CNN, “The Green’s 17th-century tiered Italian fountain, with 21 spigots, was restored in 1992 by sculptor Clark Fitz-Gerald”. This is an ideal place to meet for a picnic, watch a live music performance, view local artist’s work during an art show, or perhaps just sit and enjoy the surroundings that this coastal town has to offer.

When CNN was researching the top public spaces in the country, they were taking into account architectural, environmental and economical factors. We think Bar Harbor and the entire island of Mount Desert Island fits those categories quite nicely. With architecture found throughout the island including the fountain in the Village Green, the stone bridges throughout Acadia National Park, and let’s not forget some of the homes in the area.

As for environmental aspects, well there’s plenty of that found through Bar Harbor and the surrounding park areas. You will find more trees, lakes, ponds, mountains and ocean views than you can imagine. And from an economic standpoint, did you know that the Village Green is also the hub for the Island Explorer busses? These are free, propane powered busses that bring visitors all over the island during the peak summer months.

Aside from our slight bias to this place we call home, Bar Harbor certainly deserves every bit of travel recognition it gets. Ready to book your trip now? If you are looking for a charming inn right in the heart of Bar Harbor, be sure to contact the Quimby House Inn! With many rooms to choose from and an in-house spa, you may just have a hard time getting outside. Call us today to book your Bar Harbor vacation.

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<![CDATA[Early Birds Get The Deals In Bar Harbor]]> http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/early-birds-get-the-deals-in-bar-harbor http://www.quimbyhouse.com/blog/post/early-birds-get-the-deals-in-bar-harbor The fall is a great time to visit Bar Harbor, Maine. Even with the long days of summer a faint memory, this quaint little town still has a lot to offer its leaf peeping guests. And did you know that Bar Harbor has some of the best places for holiday shopping? From brand names like Nike and Patagonia to handmade jewelry, there is sure to be something for everyone on your list. If you are hoping to take a trip to visit Mount Desert Island this fall and get some holiday shopping done, we want to remind you that now is the time to book your room!

Spaces fill up fast in the fall due to the amazing foliage and the famous shopping event, the Early Bird Pajama Sale. That’s right, each year the local businesses come together and open their doors very early offering great sales and discounts to those who come dressed in their pajamas! This year the sale is on Sunday, November 10th, which is coming right up! And to make things even more interesting, there is now a bed race that goes along with the early bird sales. Check out the Bar Harbor Chamber Of Commerce for more information on these fall festivities and holiday events.

Whether you are coming for the shopping, dining, or just want to relax, make sure that you book your stay early. The Quimby House Inn offers guests visiting the area elegant accommodations at an affordable rate. And located right in the heart of Bar Harbor, you won’t miss out on all the fun of this fall and early holiday season.

To get a head start and reserve your room before the holiday shopping rush, be sure to contact us today!

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